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Tip: How to post Boomerang Live Photos to Instagram Stories

We already made a video here for the site demonstrating the various effects that Apple has brought to Live Photos on iOS 11, but what people really like to share these things with.

The tip of the day is not new, but as we never spoke here on the site, it may interest you a lot. They knew it was possible post Live Photos in the form of a Boomerang in Stories from Instagram?

The process is very simple: just go to the posting screen of Stories, touch the thumbnail that takes your library of images already stored on the iPhone, choose your Live Photo and, a, touch and press the screen with 3D Touch. Immediately a Boomerang is created, ready for posting.

Live Photo as Instagram Story

Since Instagram no longer limits Stories With photos taken only in the past 24 hours, this tip can be quite useful for many of you. Obviously, as we are dealing with Stories, ideally the photo was taken vertically.

It's just a pity that (still?) You can't do something similar with photos / videos on your own timeline his

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tip from Gustavo Pagiossi Salvador It's from @lucassooouza