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There are new jailbreaks in the area, for iOS 11.0-11.1.2 and tvOS 11.0-11.1!

Some think that the jailbreak he has already died and, in fact, we are seeing clear evidence of his plummeting in popularity. But it got busy again recently and a new JailbreakMe came out to iGadgets 32-bit running iOS 9.1-9.3.4.

From yesterday to today, they painted new hot solutions for those who miss Cydia.


This a new semi-tethered jailbreak for iPads, iPhones and iPods touch (any generation, even 64-bit) running the iOS 11.0-11.1.2. Yeah: who already updated by iOS 11.2-11.2.1 has nothing else to do, since Apple stopped signing the previous versions (ie, it is not possible to downgrade).

Most devices are already supported, but certain models are not yet. If yours is not one of the most recent / popular, it is ideal to wait a few days before trying the solution.

Incidentally, I would say it is ideal to wait in any case, since even Cydia is not ready for him yet the hacker / developer Jay ?Saurik? Freeman is already working on it. This is a very preliminary version, for really adventurous pros.

But take a look at one of the possibilities:


After years of waiting, there is finally a new jailbreak for Apple TVs! This for the tvOS 11.0-11.1 and runs on both fourth and fifth generation models (aka Apple TV 4K).

Installation, however, requires sideloading that is, you need to use Xcode and connect the Apple TV to the Mac to install the IPA file from jailbreak on it and start the process in fact.

Likewise, don't expect a Cydia for tvOS yet.


The responsible for this semi-tethered jailbreak It is not the same as the first two, as its name already indicates. But it can have its use there.

This is a solution similar to JailbreakMe, for iGadgets 32-bit, but in this case running the iOS 10.x.

The cool thing about this is that iPhones 5 / 5c and fourth generation iPads, which cannot be upgraded to iOS 11, can now become jailbroken forever.

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I purposely did not go into many technical details about any of the solutions presented above and used some technical terms that can scare the general public. And that, the intention.

All these jailbreaks they are still warm, coming out of the oven, and full of problems. So if you are really interested in that, wait a few days (or, preferably, weeks) before proceeding if you don't want to face some good headaches right away.

adventurous guys who are taking chances, comment below on their experiences and share tips with the staff!