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The awaited new version of Final Cut Pro is out, with 360º edition for VR, advanced color grading, HDR support and more

First demonstrated at the end of October, version 10.4 of the Final Cut Pro has just landed on the Mac App Store. And it comes with excellent news, as expected.

FCP, for those who don't know, is Apple's professional video editing software. For those who are already at iMovie and looking to take some (many) steps forward, the path is certainly it.

Final Cut Pro app icon

Version 10.4 brings 360 video editing to virtual reality (virtual reality, or VR), new advanced tools for color grading (color grading), HDR support (High Dynamic Range), import of iMovie projects for iOS, compatibility with HEVC formats (High Efficiency Video Coding, also known as H.265) and HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format), and much more.

Final Cut Pro 10.4

In iMacs Pro, with all its computing power, FCP 10.4 allows users to edit 8K resolution videos for the first time on a Mac.

Final Cut Pro 10.4

In addition to the FCP itself, a new version of the Motion (5.4) with support for 360 graphics for VR, easy conversion of projects, support for HEVC / HEIF and other great news, one of Compressor (5.4) with export to 360 / VR, HDR, HEVC and MXF encoding, as well as a new one from Logic Pro X (10.3.3) which brings optimizations to the iMac Pro and other general improvements.

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in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 5.4.5 (2.3 GB) Requires macOS 10.14.6 or superior

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in Apple

Compatible with Macs

Version 4.4.6 (324.2 MB) Requires macOS 10.14.6 or superior

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The Pro Video Formats 2.0.6 package also appeared on the Mac App Store.