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Telegram X is an alternative and more modern version of the famous messenger for iOS [atualizado]

Almost always, when we cover news coming to WhatsApp, many comment that something that has existed for a long time (choose: days, weeks, months, years) in competitor Telegram Messenger. And in fact, it is a sensational app that has not acquired the same popularity as the other.

Now, he silently painted on the App Store a new version of Telegram that hasn't even been made official yet by them (but is in the same account as the store they use to publish Telegram for macOS, that is, there's no reason to be suspicious), but he promises to take the messenger further ahead.

Sorry, app not found.

With the suggestive name of Telegram X, this alternative client to the official one was all developed in Swift language, being, therefore, very light and fast, with fluid animations, support for themes (like a dark / night), dynamic adjustment of text size and promising even a low battery consumption .

Although it is already a universal torque compatible with both iPhones / iPods touch and iPads, Telegram X has not yet incorporated all the features present in the standard version, including support for Apple Watch and real-time location sharing. But the bulk is already there, yes.

As there are two totally separate apps, you can experience Telegram X perfectly without deleting the previous one (below) from your iGadget. And what did you think?

Telegram Messenger app icon

tip from Erik

Update 1/31/2018 s 22:45

To those who were (still) in doubt about the reliability of Telegram X, today an official post on his blog came out confirming that this is a side project focused on performance, usability and quality of animations.

Interestingly, the Telegram post focused on its version for Android, which must be more advanced in development than that of iOS. But the project itself is the same.