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Snapchat launches Lens Studio app for users to create their own augmented reality effects on macOS / Windows

After having its spirit and main resources shamefully plundered by Facebook, the Snapchat is doing everything to regain the relevance of yesteryear and recapture the interest of users. The most recent onslaught of the ghost network has nothing to do with its main application, but with a new tool that can make the heads of the most creative and computer-savvy users.

Snapchat's Lens Studio

O Lens Studio is software for macOS and Windows that puts users in the hands of creating new augmented reality effects for the Snapchat app. As the company explained in its official blog post announcing the news, the idea is that even people with limited computer graphics knowledge can create with simple and easy to understand tools.

It is possible to create 2D or 3D filters in any degree of complexity having some programming language skills, including the sky is the limit, since the developers include an API of scripts for developers to create complete interactive experiences. For now, however, it will not be possible to create face filters, only elements that interact with the environment in the rear camera; only advertisers can make elements that interact with our faces.

Once creation is complete, the software generates a Snapcode (the proprietary version of Snapchat QR codes) that can be used by users to unlock content in their apps. The idea, according to Snap, to enhance the popularity of augmented reality and allow users to express their creativity through the platform, is in the company's plans to create a series of challenges for students and professionals to be attracted (back) to the platform.

Lens Studio is compatible with macOS Yosemite 10.10 and Windows 10, and can be downloaded now on its official website just if you have (or create) a Snapchat account.

What about the novelty?

via TechCrunch