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Samsung Galaxy S20 is the first smartphone certified for fast charging via USB-C

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) presented a new certification for smartphones that are fast to charge energy through USB 3.0, based on a charging programming system. Samsung's new models, from the S20 series, are the first to receive this certification, which the organization considers a new milestone in the smartphone industry, it said in a statement.

it has been advanced that since 2018 the certification has been expanded to fast charging systems via USB. This initiative promotes the reuse and sharing of charges via USB-C equipment, in order to reduce electronic waste, as recently approved by the European Commission.

The certification also targets smartphones that use PPS systems, that is, capable of managing the heat generated by the energy during charging. USB-C chargers for fast charge must also be compatible with other equipment that supports USB-C and USB Power Delivery. In practice, fast chargers must have the ability to charge the specific voltage required by the equipment. And both must have this ability to communicate in order to adjust.

The Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus smartphones support fast charging up to 25W, while the Ultra version goes up to 45W. The new range of smartphones from Samsung will hit stores next March 13.