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Samsung closes factory doors in South Korea. Coronavirus is the culprit of the custom

Coronavirus has affected not only small and medium-sized companies, but also technological giants, which have not escaped unscathed. This time, and according to the International Business Times, it was Samsung to close the doors of its production factory in the South Korean city of Gumi of smartphones like the Galaxy Fold and the brand's second foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z-Flip, revealed on February 11th. However, this decision should only have an impact on the distribution of the model in the Korean market.

According to the website, the closure of the factory should not affect the international market, since it is only intended for the South Korean. Still, the truth is that the news is not encouraging for Samsung anyway, after it confirmed last Saturday that one of its employees who worked at the factory had been infected with Coronavirus. In a statement quoted by the website, the brand assured that it would close the entire factory by this Monday and that all employees who came into contact with the infected employee were quarantined.

The news comes less than two weeks after the presentation of the Galaxy Z Flip, which arrived in Portugal on February 21st, for 1,529 euros. The screen size is 6.7 inches and comes in three colors: mirror purple, mirror black and mirror gold, the latter intended for selected markets, but Portugal is not on the list.

But Samsung is not the only one to be affected by Coronavirus. In the field of speculation, the launch of a new iPad Pro may be postponed, but the cancellation of the World Mobile Congress, which should start this Monday, is certain.

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