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Rumor: apps may soon be developed to run on both iOS and macOS

Products like iPhone, iPad and Mac are essentially part of the same ecosystem. But the concept and the way in which we interact with them is completely different. That is, there is, of course, a similarity between iPhones and iPads in that they are devices with touch screens that run the same operating system; the Mac, however, runs a much more sturdy / complex system and is controlled by the good old double keyboard / mouse (or trackpad).

For developers, this means creating two different applications: one for iOS (operating system for mobile devices) and one for macOS (system for Macs). And that, of course, takes work, especially for small developers. Even in larger companies we can feel the reflection of this, as for example on Twitter: while the iOS app is regularly updated to keep up with the news of the network, the macOS app is ?abandoned?, getting an update here and another there. This is to illustrate just one example, as there are many others.

Apple's idea, according to the Bloomberg, get it over with once and for all. How? Allowing developers to create a single app capable of running on both systems (iOS and macOS).

IOS 11 App StoreIOS 11 App Store

And Ma apparently wants to put this plan into practice already in 2018. The secret project, codenamed "Marzipan", would be one of the pillars of the future of the company's operating systems and, if it is possible to launch it by the end of the year, the likelihood of seeing the announcement of the project at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 is great.

This plan by Apple, according to the vehicle, would be part of something bigger and long-term that would make the fundamentals of Apple hardware and software more similar to the arrival of the T1 chip on the MacBook Pro and the T2 on the iMac Pro could be a good indicative of this, since in the future, Macs may even come equipped with chips designed by Apple, making the idea of ??a single operating system for all devices something Microsoft already does with its Surface desktops, laptops and tablets, say It is something "easier" to perform.

Yes, of course, Tim Cook and company have already asserted in all directions that a ?fusion? between iOS and macOS * is not * part of the company's plans, that this would be bad for the user's experience, etc. But it never hurts to remember that, in the world of technology, things change at an incredible speed. We have already seen examples within Apple itself that the impossible has become possible, such as the launch of the iPod video (something Steve Jobs said he would never do), the iPad mini (Jobs disdained small tablet screens), the iPhone Plus (the Apple has always positioned itself against huge screens on smartphones), etc.

Going back to the plan of an app running on all systems, there are many doubts about this: if the App Store and Mac App Store stores would be merged, what would the design guidelines for these applications be like (since we are talking about devices with such different characteristics) , among many other questions that will possibly be answered little by little now that the story has leaked.