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Production of the “iPad mini” goes through difficulties; more pieces leak; check out gadget mockups

After the launch of the iPhone 5, the rumors / news now return 100% of attention to the ?IPad mini?, Apple's alleged 7.85-inch tablet. As we have already said, some are betting that his launching event will take place on October 17th and that the invitation to the press will be made next Wednesday, 10/10.

But it seems that, again, Apple would be facing a problem in production lines. Although the WSJ have said that mass production has already started some believe it is being manufactured in Brazil, the DigiTimes informed that the production rate of the chassis (device structure) of anodized aluminum is not very good, according to supply chain sources. Probably due to the difficulty of the process itself, which is more prone to scratches and scratches.

Topeka Capital analyst Brian White, another who pointed out frustrating manufacturing rates for the device's structure. He estimates that the ?iPad mini? will start selling in November and that Apple will sell between 5 and 7 million units in 2012.

Supposed parts (flexible cable and headphone jack) of Supposed parts (flexible cable and headphone jack) of

French website Nowhere Else again showed (Google Translate) alleged parts intended for the device this time, flexible cables and headphone jack (both black and white).

And to finish, how about these mockups created by designer Martin Hajek, based on the latest rumors of the tablet?

It was pretty cool, right?

(via BGR, AppleInsider, Gizmodo)