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Portuguese buy less mobile phones in 2019 but more expensive. Samsung was the best-selling brand

Less mobile phones purchased, but more money spent for each model. In 2019, and according to information provided by Correio da Manh, this was the national reality, in a year in which 890 million euros were spent on smartphones. The data are from IDC and show that Samsung was the brand that sold the most mobile phones last year.

In 2019 the average price per cell phone rose from 328 to 341 euros, with Apple being the most expensive brand. On average, the Portuguese spent 806 euros on purchases of iPhones, in a year in which it was also the brand that registered the largest number of mobile phones sold in the last quarter of the year, namely at Christmas.

Even so, Samsung was the company that most sold mobile phones in Portugal, with a market share of 31.8%, followed by Huawei, in this case with 28.9%. Apple ranked third with 12.5%.

However, the reality is that, according to the data released, 2.5 million mobile phones were sold in 2019, which means a 7.4% reduction compared to 2018. Cited by the newspaper, IDC consultant Francisco Jernimo believes that there will be a new jump in sales, but only within a year and a half, due to the renewal cycle of the devices.

The Portuguese reality thus seems to differ from the international reality, at least based on data released by Gartner earlier this year. According to the consultant, this year the global shipment of PCs, tablets and mobile phones should increase 0.9% in relation to 2019, totaling 2.16 billion units and the mobile phone market that presents the best results, due to 5G .