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Plex launches its music player project for macOS and Windows with Plexamp

A few months ago, the Plex the famous media player that allows users to set up their own library of content on a server and play it anywhere with Plex Pass has created a new division called Plex Labs, dedicated to building ?side projects? without much connection with the company's main product, but still as well as the possibility of making life easier for users and improving the experience of using the platform.

Today, the first fruit of this lab is reaching macOS and Windows users, and its name Plexamp. The idea behind the software evidenced by its name, which pays homage to the old player Winamp, brings a simple, beautiful and minimalist interface for users to play their music (of any format, according to its creators) saved on the platform.


The little player has a simple look that adapts to the album art currently playing, with contextual buttons that appear only when you want to use them and a search tool that is the only way to get to your music there in the name simplicity, a list of all your tracks or artists or albums, which can be a serious fault for some users.

Despite this, Plexamp brings several modern and essential features for a player, such as support for continuous reproduction, smooth transitions, visualization of sound waves and much more. Because it is a native app, it supports the media control keys on Macs and can also play music offline on the computer.

Plexamp is compatible with OS X Mavericks 10.9 and above, with Windows 7 and above, and can be downloaded for free here. Platform users, did you like the news?

via TechCrunch