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Older viewers are "irritated" and "concerned" about Apple's current advertising

true that publicity Apple today quite different from those two styles that enshrined it, be it the solemn and impactful (think ?1984? or "Think Different") or pulled into the mood geek (think about the iMac G3 campaign with Jeff Goldblum or the series?s iconic commercials ?Get a Mac?). Currently, the thing resembles much more communication than a fashion brand, with little focus on the product and much more on the establishment of a lifestyle and a modern aesthetic.

Of course, this new approach will have its defenders and detractors, but according to a new survey, there is a very clear line when discussing who Apple makes these commercials and who is not liking them very much.

THE UserTesting, the public research platform, did a study in which it showed three recent Apple commercials (?Sticker Fight?, "Unlock" and "Fly Market") for 200 people divided into 2 publics: one composed of members of the so-called ?Gerao Z? (between 18 and 25 years old) and the other by members of the so-called Baby-Boomers (55 years or older). Both groups had users of iPhones or Android smartphones.

The results? Overall, young people expressed contentment with the advertisements, stating mostly that they felt that the product was being advertised specifically to them. The older ones, on the other hand, had a contrary reaction: the ?young? aesthetics, the quick cuts, the absurd situations, the modern music and the extremely saturated colors made the more mature audience move away from the content sold there, classifying parts as "irritants".

More than that: regarding specifically the commercial "Fly Market" (?Feirinha?), focused on Apple Pay, the content of the piece made most of the older viewers actively concerned with the security and reliability of the advertising platform, after all, do not waste time explaining the security features of the service . As a 54-year-old viewer stated, she used iOS: ?The thought of paying with a look scares me. Many variables need to be considered. ?

UserTesting, however, said that Apple does not need to worry about the results and, in fact, already plans to communicate with this type of reaction in mind. According to the firm, more and more of us live in a world where technology users choose an ecosystem at a certain point in life (increasingly earlier) and stay in it indefinitely; by creating advertising that connects more easily with young people from ?Generation Z? (or even later generations), Ma is effectively trying to pull supporters to their side before they choose to compete.

a risky strategy? I don't know it seems to have worked so far, however. What do you think?

via Apple World Today