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Nintendo honors your service by sending a new Game Boy to a 95-year-old lady

Source: Gizmodo (by Andrew Liszewski)Source: Gizmodo (by Andrew Liszewski)

Japanese game developer Nintendo, known for providing excellent after-sales customer treatment. Sometimes, depending on the case, the company goes so far as to extrapolate this responsibility. what happened when technicians tried to fix an old Game Boy (the first) of a 95 year old lady in Japan and failed. So the company simply sent the experienced player a new unit of the exact model she had.

Recently a Japanese national newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, reported the case mentioned above, where there was a letter sent by Kuniko Tsusaka, the 70-year-old daughter of the lady who won the Game Boy. what happened: Kuniko's mother loves to play Tetris on her Game Boy and it was simply the third one she had. The portable console ended up failing when the 95-year-old lady was in poor health.

The first Game Boy was launched in 1989 in Japan and was discontinued in 2003, thus making it impossible to purchase a new one at local stores, in addition to not being able to repair the defective unit. Kuniko's grandson told his grandmother that Nintendo was reputed to provide a great service to the consumer and that it would be worth trying to look for the company to see if there was any way to solve the problem. So she did and sent a handwritten letter to the company.

After a week of sending the message to Nintendo, the company responded by saying that unfortunately the Game Boy had not been repaired, as there were no more parts to replace those that had been damaged. At the same time, in the response, it was said that the company was sending a new Game Boy that they found in a warehouse along with a letter that wished she would still be playing Tetris for many years to come!

The lady played Tetris for another 4 years on her new Game Boy, but unfortunately, she passed away at 99. She probably broke an incredible record after so many years playing her favorite game.

It is a somewhat exciting story and shows that Nintendo, like many Japanese companies, cares a lot about what their customers think about their product and what experiences they are having with it. It is the opposite extreme of what we see in many cases here in Brazil, where there are companies that even try to take advantage of the situation of consumers.

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Source: Gizmodo

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