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New games from the Sonic and Civilization franchises arrive on the App Store; Sky: Light Awaits is postponed to March

Three news of public interest about games at App Store two of them are great, the other not so much.

The first the arrival of Sonic Runners Adventure, the newest title of the legendary blue hedgehog this time, developed by Gameloft. In the new game based on the SEGA characters, we have a reissue of the classic adventures of Sonic and his friends, in the greatest style speedrun.

Sonic Runners Adventure app icon

In the game, we can embody the title character or also unlock extra figures, such as Knuckles or Tails each with their special abilities. There are four locations where the objective is to reach the end of the scenario as quickly as possible, collect the largest number of rings and, of course, defeat Dr. Eggman!

Sonic Runners Adventure is compatible with iOS 8.0 or higher and needs a Wi-Fi or cellular connection only for the first move; in sequence, it is possible to play offline. It can be purchased at the App Store, where it costs $ 3; an Android version is also available for fans of the robot.

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Who's also coming to mobile devices (more specifically the iPad) at Apple's app store the game Civilization VI, gives Aspyr, which had already been released for Mac about a year ago.

Sid Meier's Civilization® VI app icon

Created by the famous game designer Sid Meier, the newest title in the Civilization franchise, brings the traditional mechanics of the saga, based on rounds, in which players need to apply whatever strategy they can to lead a civilization through the ages waging wars or choosing to avoid them, interacting with other peoples and with various historical figures.

Because it is an incredibly complex game and full of possibilities, its requirements are relatively high: you need to be running iOS 11 on an iPad Air 2, fifth-generation iPad or iPad Pro. The title can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but only 60 first rounds can be played this way; subsequently, it is necessary to purchase the complete game for the promotional price of US $ 30 (it will normally cost US $ 60).

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The third novelty of the day is not so cool: the game Sky: Light Awaits, which was highlighted in Apple's last keynote as one of the titles that show the graphic power of iOS devices and Apple TV, has been postponed until March next year. Initially, the developer thatgamecompany had promised to launch for the winter of the northern hemisphere of 2017 (that is, for now), but it certainly took more time to leave everything in the bag.

The game for iOS and tvOS described as a social adventure in which players must fly through a kingdom to bring the light back to the dark places; at players can have fun simultaneously online and the game can be fully operated with just one finger.

We hope it won't take much longer, because the proposal is really interesting.

via MacRumors, AppleInsider