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JailbreakMe is back, but only for 32-bit iGadgets running iOS 9.1-9.3.4

The old folks will remember that, in mid 2010, a tool for jailbreak like no other we've seen so far. That's because it ran directly on Safari, beautiful and practical.

It was the famous JailbreakMe, which a year later after the initial loopholes explored by Apple gained survival in its 3.0 version, at the time to iGadgets running iOS 4.3.x. Well, he's back now. But

The new JailbreakMe (version 4.0) starts by being pretty ugly, but even so it matters because the idea that you have to access this page only once, touch the link and wait for the process to be completed.

The big issue here is that it only works on iGadgets 32-bit (such as iPhones 4 / 4s, iPads 2 / third generation / first mini and iPod touch 5th generation) running iOS 9.1-9.3.4 that is, for those who have a device leaning and want to play again in the world of jailbreak.

Furthermore, JailbreakMe itself is not a fully process untethered (that is, it is lost if the device is restarted). After Cydia is installed, the user needs to add the repository and then install the ?Community Offsets? and ?UntetherHomeDepot? packages. Yes, you will have a jailbreak definitive.

This novelty has nothing to do with what emerged this week about possible exploits discovered by Google on iOS 11. These are much more up-to-date and interesting for the community as a whole; we'll see what it paints for a.

via iDownloadBlog