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It is now possible to follow hashtags on Instagram; network will be able to display likes from your friends and turn Direct into a separate app

At this point I think we can practically make a weekly column with news from the Instagram, as Facebook's social network of photos and videos has faithfully introduced new features every seven days (just look at the latest posts 1, 2, 3 we did covering the platform).

I, as a user of the network, cannot help but fear the prospect of where all this desire to innovate will take us, but the fact that the developers in Menlo Park are in full swing coming up with news for the platform and today is no different. In a post on its official blog, Instagram announced that, from now on, users will be able to follow #hashtags in the same way that other users follow.

It works exactly as you expect: when looking for hashtags on the network, as #cachorro or #muralMM, a ?Follow? button will be displayed. From then on, selected publications with these markings will appear on your feed and also in stories. The themes you follow will also appear in the ?following? list that can be accessed on your profile, meaning your friends will be able to see the themes you follow, so nothing to select hashtags compromising.

Of course, there is a good deal of content recognition and filtering here, after all, in theory, a malicious user (or not) can make a mark hashtag randomness in a photo with nothing to do with the subject. Instagram claims that only relevant, recent and quality publications will appear on your feed, and, in any case, a button downvote it will be made available for users to mark photos or videos that they have not liked within that theme.

The new feature is already available in the latest Instagram update for iOS and Android. And did you like it?

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Moving from concrete news to tests that are being done by the Instagram team and that may or may not become reality in the near future, we have two news that may please or displease many of you.

The first possibility, as stated by the The Verge, that Instagram turns its direct messaging section called Direct into a separate application. The movement would follow that of Facebook, which gradually separated its Messenger from the main application until the two have nothing else in common.

Instagram Direct App

The Direct app, which is already starting to be available in the testing phase in six countries, including Portugal, is similar to Snapchat in the sense of having a camera as its main screen; On the left are the users you follow and, on the right, the conversations. All the filters, stickers and features of the main Instagram app are available here, too. Although it already exists, there is no official confirmation from Facebook if the application will be launched globally we will have to wait and see.

The second (possible) novelty is the addition to your feed of publications liked by your friends. The seo, called ?Recommended for you? (recommended for you), mix up photos and normal videos published by users (and hashtags) that you follow and will be based on algorithms that will identify content liked by your contacts that may interest you.

New seo Image: The Verge

Of course, it was always possible to see posts that your friends liked through the ?Following? tab of the notification menu, but you can place these publications on your feed The main thing is already a shift beyond drastic (and that is revolting many people around). We'll see if Instagram keeps up with the idea or will discard it.

Instagram app icon

via TechCrunch; The Verge