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Icon found on iOS 12 "confirms" new iPad Pro with smaller borders and Face ID

There is no way: Apple works hard so that nothing about its future products leaks ahead of time. The problem is that, for some time now, many of the main leaks come from within the company itself. And I don't mean a mean employee who passes on secret information to a journalist or something, no; I refer to information placed in the beta versions of the company's operating systems which can be found ?easily? by developers who are aware of the news. And, again, this is what Guilherme Rambo did.

O iOS 12 beta 5, released by Apple this week, brought information about it in the new iPads Pro. More precisely, the new beta ?confirms? a new tablet with more discreet edges, equipped with Face ID (yes, goodbye button from Incio). O asset/ icon in question is part of the system interface which indicates the use of the device's battery and shows an iPad without borders and without buttons, as we can see below:

Asset found on iOS 12 beta 5 confirming the new borderless iPad Pro and Incio button

Those most attentive may notice the absence of the notch / cut /notch, which won the world with the iPhone X. If the design is really accurate, it is basically confirmed that the future iPad Pro not have notch which is justified by a slightly larger area / frame than on the iPhone, since the tablet is a large device and, even with small edges, they are necessary to hold the product (thus, enough space to not be necessary to cut the screen).

As we needed more proof that the new iPad Pro will be like that, but ok. Now we can only wait.

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In related notes, Rambo also made some comments about future iPhones.

According to the developer, just as the iPhone X was identified by the code D22 (or D2x), this year's iPhones are identified by the code D33 (or D3x). In addition, Rambo believes that Apple is working on a new Smart Battery Case (very similar to the current one) for this year's new models.

Rambo concluded by stating that, if the images seen by him are really true, this year's iPhones will not have the camera system vertically, but horizontally. ?

Excited for September?

via 9to5Mac