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HomePod grows and already has 6% of the American market for smart speakers

The last time we commented here on the American smart speaker market, the HomePod it was not going so well even though we had to consider that Ma?s speaker had just been released, a penetration of just 3% in US households seemed just too little. Well, now we know that Ma's cotton ball is at least advancing.

According to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the universe of smart speakers in American homes is 50 million units; in that medium, the devices of the Amazon dominate with strength and represent 70% of the market as expected, considering that Jeff Bezos giant basically inaugurated the segment and was already in it two years before its competitors did not even present products.

Following a retail giant, the Google has 24% of the American smart speaker market while the Apple basically doubled its share, with a market share of 6% which means that Cupertino would have dispatched at least 3 million HomePods since its release, only in the USA.

The CIRP, however, notes two important factors: the first is that both Amazon and Google have low-cost options in the segment, which may threaten a possible even greater growth of Apple here (unless Ma also presents a type product, which is not unlikely).

The second that the two Cupertino competitors have as their marketing basis is the idea that the consumer should buy multiple units of their speakers to position them in different locations in their homes, which naturally increases the market share of each an. Apple even talks about the benefits of having more than one HomePod, but this is not a major factor in its advertising and could not, considering the high price of the product.

One aspect not cited by CIRP is that, even with a still small share in the segment, Apple should take a much larger share of the profit generated by the sector. Ma's way of being, after all is she able to grow more? We'll see.

via AppleInsider