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Google launches exclusive features for Carnival 2020; check out

Tips, public transport, how to find blocks and other aids will be available in the search engine, in Maps and Google Assistant

There are only a few days until Carnival 2020 and the Google announced a series of news for the folies. Support and interaction resources for the largest popular festival in Brazil will be available in the search engine, in Google Maps, Google Assistant and in Google Play.

Users can now request help to get to the blocks, find fantasy tips, research about the samba-plot of a school that will parade this year, among others.

CarnivalWhat's new is on Google Maps, Assistant and search engine

At the Google Maps it will be possible to locate the main Carnival blocks in So Paulo It's from Rio de Janeiro. For drivers from So Paulo, Rio and Belo Horizonte, the Maps go and alert them about the streets banned for the party. In these cities, the apps (available for Android and iOS) also indicate changes to bus lines.

The company announced that this year, there will be more coverage of the event. Therefore, folies will be able to see information from more than three thousand blocks in So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Recife, Olinda and Florianpolis. To find them, just say on Assistant: Okay, Google. Talk to Street Blocks.

In addition, the Google allow the user to watch live everything that happens at parties in Recife, Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo. News and trends about the same blocks will be available on the search engine.

Just like the Alexa, gives Amazon, O Google Assistant is bringing fun interactions. You for asking questions like:Do you like carnival? Did you drink water? "What are your plans for the carnival?Do you attend the samba school parades?Create a samba school storyline! Create a carnival block name!Give me a fantasy tip for the carnival?What if the crush doesn't want me?

ok google assistantGoogle Assistant won exclusive interactions for Carnival

For those who want to enjoy Carnival at home, a section dedicated to the event was created within the Google Play. In it, you can get apps for folies, offers and events for Carnival, apps to enjoy the holiday at home and even get a date.

Finally, the company explains that it is committed to the safety of its users. When saying OK, Google, how do I report sexual harassment?, the platform will display the contact details of the Call Center for Women in Situations of Violence (180), the Military Police (190) and the Think Olga for more details.

All coverage of the event is being done in the search engine in real time. What did you think of these news from Google for Carnival? Comment below.