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Go to VR space? There is an app where you can choose the story you want to participate in

Imagine going back in time and participating in the launch of a rocket in 1965. This is one of the stories in virtual reality (VR) that you can be part of, at least as a spectator, in the Within application.

The app gives you access to content in VR and stories abound. Among documentaries, horror content or animations, the user's choice, which they can see in stream or on their mobile phone, after downloading.

But, since the focus of the VR application, another option allows you to access the contents through a virtual reality headset. From there, and even if you choose the smartphone, you can peek at various parts of the scene, as you rotate the equipment.

Constantly updated with new content, the application offers several stories in VR. Participating in an experience with Batman or in a surfing documentary are some of the possibilities.

The app is free and available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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