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[Free Fire] Kalahari map will be available to everyone for free in the next update

Kalahari Map. Source: GarenaKalahari Map. Source: Garena

One of the most popular Free Fire maps, Kalahari, will be available to all Free Fire players in the next mobile game update. Players will be able to check the news from the 28th of this month (Friday) in the desert environment of Battle Royale. The scenario's popularity grew during the title's special events and after several requests from the fan community, the developer decided to make it permanent.

Free Fire have new character and a new game mode

In addition to the novelty of the permanence of the Kalahari map in Free Fire Battlegrounds, there will also be a new character and a new game mode called Training Island.

The new character of Free Fire – Steffie

The new character, Steffie, has as a unique special ability, the creation of a graffiti area around him that causes increased defense of the fighters around him (closer). By staying close to the fighter, teammates will take less damage from bullets and explosions, for example. At the same time, the armor does not decrease when taking damage.

Free Fire Kalahari map image. Source: GarenaFree Fire Kalahari map image. Source: Garena

Training Island, the new game mode

In this mode, players will be able to hone their skills outside the battle zone. It offers the chance to learn more about the commands and reactions of your weapons, your skills and even meet new friends to create a new team.

There are two options in the training mode: a shooting environment with all the weapons available in Free Fire, providing a better learning about each tool and the best way to use them; and a region where players can battle each other and relive endless times.

In 2019 the mobile game Free Fire was the most downloaded in the world and in Brazil, adding the downloads from the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android), according to the App Annie website, specialist in market trend analysis mobile.

You can download Free Fire on the App Stre here and on the Play Store here.

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