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Find out how to lock your WhatsApp account in case of loss or theft of your cell phone

For one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world (and by far the most popular from our beloved republic), Whatsapp there are still some very strange deficiencies. Of course, Facebook has even gone to great lengths to introduce new features to the app and the addition of end-to-end encryption in the messages exchanged has significantly increased the privacy of the service, but what about when you have your device lost or stolen?

Few know, but there is a simple way to temporarily block your WhatsApp account, as explained in this application support page. The process involves simply locking your SIM card and, if you do not get a new SIM card with the same number immediately, send an email to the service support team requesting a temporary account lockout.

Check out the complete step-by-step process if your device goes missing or is stolen:

  1. First, contact your operator to block the SIM card from the number attached to WhatsApp;
  2. Send an email to;
  3. In the subject, enter the phrase ?Lost / Stolen: Please disable my account?;
  4. In the body of the message, repeat the message above and then write the number of the phone connected to the account in an international format (country code, area code and number).

How to block WhatsApp account

When you lock your account, it cannot be accessed until it is reactivated which will be done automatically when you set up WhatsApp on a new device equipped with a new SIM card with your number. it is good to note that the temporary block lasts for 30 days; during this period, your contacts can send you messages and they will be received upon reactivation. If the 30 days pass and the account is not restored, however, it will be permanently excluded so it is good to be aware of that period!

In addition, it is good to remember that blocking WhatsApp only prevents access to the application, its conversations and shared media within the environment; if your smartphone does not have some form of self-security, a malicious individual may still have access to your photos, common text messages and other data. So never forget too much: always protect your device, whether with a password, your fingerprint or your face.

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