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Ethos Capital reinforces commitment to the .org community and establishes a 10 million dollar fund

Since starting the Public Interest Registry (PIR) purchase process, Ethos Capital has suffered several objections to the business. At stake is the inclusion of the .org domain, which since 2002 has been managed by a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), thus moving from 2020 to a private company. The .org domain is considered the most important non-commercial infrastructure of a free internet. Opponents of business want to keep the domain free from commercial pressure, as well as its functions as a public service. Peties were even created to save .org.

Ethos Capital has now unveiled several initiatives to ensure an enhanced future for .org. The company presented voluntary measures to defend its commitment to public interests with respect to the price of domains, as well as lines against censorship and free expression and use of personal data. To seal this commitment, the company revealed the creation of a fund 10 million dollars to support the .org community.

In line with public interest, the company suggested an amendment to the registration agreement for the sale of the PIR with ICANN, which noted the various requests made by the community. The first concerns accessible prices, whether for new .org registrations or domain renewals. The document states that the average increase cannot be more than 10% per year, for the next eight years from the date of the new agreement. The price will respect a precise formula, which prevents increases, thus making .org, the first domain to obey restrictions in its values, yet accessible anywhere in the world.

The second measure is the creation of a board of directors for .org, with the authority to give independent advice, and with the right of veto any modification proposed by the PIR. This includes censorship and the right to express, domain registration and the management of user data. And to prevent any promiscuity, no employee, director or member of the PIR can serve on this board.