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Do you have Bitcoins? Track virtual currency fluctuations with the Brazilian Bitcoin Sentinel app

O Bitcoin there was a kind of rise in people's mouth in recent months: if in the past the virtual currency was restricted to a very advanced portion of users internticos, nowadays everyone knows (or at least has an idea) of her existence and many even get in trouble to get a Bitcoin or another.

If you have Bitcoins or want to enter the disputed world of virtual currency or simply are interested in the astronomical numbers provided by it, a Brazilian application can be a good option to help you in this task: o Bitcoin Sentinel.

Bitcoin Sentinel app icon

Created by the developer Victor de Carlo Milani, the app features four tabs designed to help the user keep track of the value, news and other aspects of Bitcoin. In the "Summary" tab, the app offers real-time currency quotes from a number of different sources; in ?Graphs?, the quotes of the day, week, month or year are displayed for comparison; in ?Registries?, it is possible to convert a value in reais or other currencies to Bitcoin; finally, the ?Notcias? tab brings news from Brazilian sources about the cryptocurrency.

It is possible to configure notifications so that the application notifies you of fluctuations in the Bitcoin price, including an option to notify you only when the currency exceeds a previously stipulated value. To top it off, there is also an app for Apple Watch this way, you can follow everything directly from your wrist.

Bitcoin Sentinel can be downloaded directly from the App Store. If you are in the business, it is worth taking a look!