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Discover Apple's gigantic data center in Arizona

We know very well the public face of Apple's physical spaces: Apple Park, stores, offices, others campuses around the world and so on. A very little registered aspect of the presence of Ma on our planet, however, are her data centers, the giant server farms where the company's services "live".

Of course, there are several reasons for this mystery: first, opening the doors of such an installation to journalists, photographers and the like exposing themselves to an unnecessary risk, as hackers can capture information about the place and acquire more knowledge of the cause for possible plans for remote invasion. Also, well, data centers they are boring by nature, the huge corridors with servers and the occasional office scattered around the corners.

Still, the newspaper The Arizona Republic recently visited the gigantic data center in Mesa, Arizona, and posted some really cool photos of the place. Shall we take a look at them?

Apple Data Center in Mesa, Arizona, USAOne of the data center server rooms
Apple Data Center in Mesa, Arizona, USARunners and more runners
Apple Data Center in Mesa, Arizona, USAThe infamous servers

It is good to remember that this space, unlike others data centers from Apple, it was not built by Ma from scratch before, it was the headquarters of GT Advanced Technologies, a sapphire glass manufacturer that went bankrupt in 2014. Ma reopened the facility as a data center in 2016, and did not say exactly which ones the operations stored or performed there services such as iMessage, iCloud, Siri and the App Store are certainly among them, however.

Apple Data Center in Mesa, Arizona, USASenior complex operations manager walks down the halls
Apple Data Center in Mesa, Arizona, USAWater pumps for the data center's gigantic cooling system
Apple Data Center in Mesa, Arizona, USAThe huge pipes that take this water to the servers

Apple plans to install a solar panel complex in the facility's parking lot so that it can generate clean energy for the data center Currently, Ma has a contract with the Salt River Project to supply electricity to the space.

Very cool, isn't it?

via AppleInsider