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Broadcom Announces $ 15 Billion Agreement to Provide “High-Performance Wireless Components” to Apple

In recent years, we have seen a very clear trend at Apple: trying as hard as possible to cut supplier dependence on key components by designing most of these parts within Cupertino. The chips from series "A" they are proof of that, and Ma's plans to develop its own 5G modems strengthen the trend. For today a news came to row against that sea.

As reported by Bloomberg, the chip maker Broadcom yesterday announced an agreement to $ 15 billion with Apple to provide Ma ?high performance wireless components and modules?. More specifically, there are two supply contracts that will guarantee Apple parts for products released up to 2023 it is still unclear exactly what components these are.

Broadcom Ma's longtime partner, providing radio frequency chips that equip iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches for a few years now and allow them to connect to cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Last year, the supplier had already announced another billionaire contract with the Cupertino giant to supply certain parts.

On the other hand, some sources claim that the company's financial health is not in its best days. A rumor last December indicated that Broadcom's RF chip division is for sale to balance the company's accounts, but so far it has not closed with any buyers; In today's announcement, Broadcom noted that potential investors will enter into a ?long-term relationship? with Apple, which is certainly a good business card.

Obviously, if the rumors are correct, it may be that Apple itself ends up being the buyer of Broadcom's division. Today's news is a contraindication to that perspective, however.