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Brazilian application SmartGym receives major update to version 2.0, with new design and several new features

A few months ago, we highlighted here on the website a beautiful update of the Brazilian app SmartGym that brought you integration with Siri directly on the Apple Watch. Since then there have been several other updates, of course, but today's most significant.

SmartGym just arrived back 2.0, and the developer Mateus Abras shows that he is not kidding because not any app that is elected ?App of the Day? by Apple worldwide, as he was recently.

SmartGym app icon: Manage Your Workout

On the iPhone, SmartGym 2.0 comes with a completely new design, allows you to track, record and compare all your progress in each exercise, see weekly progress with graphs of great taste, compare all your measurements, brings a new widget , deeper integration with HealthKit, more accessibility, routines are no longer linked to weekdays, backups are up to 25% smaller and more.

Already on Apple Watch, the app is now quite independent as proposed by the Series 3 generation of the watch. Now you can modify all your exercises directly from Watch, activate / deactivate distance tracking, access your exercise history, among others.

I think I already said this here about SmartGym, but it does not hurt to repeat: it is an example of an app that gives us Brazilians pride. Mateus is congratulated for the quality of his work and for all the effort invested in him.

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