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Apple TV app gains integration with more services in Brazil

Last month, we reported that content from Netflix and Claro video would already be appearing in the app TV for Brazilians. Unfortunately, afterwards we updated the article saying that their appearance in the search for the application was not so exciting.

Well, at least ?half? of that has now been made official, in fact: the Of course video painted as an app integrated with TV, along with two other new ones: Red Bull TV and Garage, the latter well focused on extreme sports.

Claro video app icon

Red Bull TV app icon

Garage - Action Sports app icon

This means that it is now much easier to find and watch their content both through the TV app on iPhones / iPads and, mainly, through the main interface on Apple TV.

The release of this app for us, here in Brazil, occurred with iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3, a few months ago. Seeing it expanding well, but there is certainly an expectation that the giant Netflix will soon join in the fun; it is worth noting that it is not present in the TV app anywhere yet, not only in our country.

Apple TV app icon

Apple TV

in Apple

Compatible with iPadsCompatible with iPhones

Version 1.5 (917.5 KB) Requires iOS 10.2 or superior

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