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Apple thinks of strategies to recover iPhones sales in India

Over the years, Apple already defined several investments (1, 2, 3) in one of the largest consumer markets in the world, ndia. Ma even started, last June, to assemble iPhones 6s / 6s Plus in the country to escape the amazing local taxes and to reduce the costs of the handsets, but, apparently, these measures have not had much effect.

To regain expressiveness in the country, Apple is working on strategies that include old and new actions, such as closing more deals to build retail stores that must stipulate and meet higher sales targets, as disclosed by Bloomberg. In addition, since 2016, Ma is expected to open new official stores, but now the concern is that they are also responsible for reviewing the company's relationship with independent retailers to improve services and products aimed at the Indian public.

The situation gets even more complicated for Apple when it comes to services, since the poor performance of Maps of the company has even been considered ?a joke?. To improve the quality of its maps not only in India, but in the world, Apple announced that the app will undergo a complete reconstruction. In addition to maps, Crab she was also criticized for not understanding some local accents or even assimilating many words of Indian origin, compromising the experience of these users with Ma's virtual assistant. The only service that met the statistics was the Apple Music, received favorably by consumers in the country.

According to the manager of a major smartphone reseller company in India, the average budget of its consumers is 10,000 rupees (about $ 150), and the cheapest iPhone in the country, the SE model, costs almost twice that amount. In comparison, for $ 100, buyers can purchase Xiaomi's Redmi 5A, which technically has a bigger battery, a better camera and greater storage capacity than the iPhone SE.

If these measures are going to contribute to the increase in sales in the country, there is no way to be sure, but it is time for Ma to start taking them to try to reverse its current situation in the Indian market. Also according to Bloomberg, Apple occupies the 11th position in the national smartphone sales ranking, after having sold about 1 million iPhones during the first half of this year. Comparatively, rival Xiaomi sold more than 19 million smartphones during that period.

via Cult of Mac