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Apple stores will have 80,000 employees in 600 regions by 2023; a new one will open in Kyoto (in Japan)

Among the various products and services Apple which are globally recognized, Ma is also remembered for its iconic stores that, like the Angela Ahrendts (retail head of the company) I said, they do more than just sell.

In this sense, Gene Munster (from Loup Ventures) decided to analyze how the company's stores incorporate the values ??so disseminated by their executives, placing in the evaluation from the reception of the customers to the experiences offered in each one of them (such as Today at Apple). According to Munster, these and other details of Apple's retail a sometimes underestimated competitive advantage.

Munster's study was divided into five parts: aesthetics, reception / purchase, information, support and inspiration. In each of them, the analyst described his experience, highlighted which values ??were incorporated by Apple in its stores and compared the service offered with that of large companies (such as Amazon, AT&T, among others).

He also made some estimates about the future of Ma's physical stores, including the number of employees that Apple will have hired in five years and in which regions the company is expected to further expand its activities. In the meantime, Apple should be present in 600 regions around the world until 2023; Apple currently has 511 stores. Furthermore, it is likely that the total number of Apple employees in retail alone (that is, excluding corporate personnel working at Apple Park and elsewhere) campuses spread across the globe) reaches 80 thousand in the next five years; today, Apple has 65,000 retail employees around the world.

In addition, the two largest growth regions in this period will be China and India, the two most populous countries in the world. Despite the enormous potential of the consumer market, Apple is managing to gear up in India. In the last year, Ma has seen the number of iPhones sold there drop and has undergone a change in leadership so the company is already thinking about new strategies to attract consumers and regain their expressiveness in the local market.

Check the analyst's complete analysis (in English) on the Loup Ventures website.

New store in Japan

Speaking of retail, Apple will open its first store in the city of Kyoto (in Japan), on the 25th of August (a Saturday), at 10am in the morning at the local time.

The company announced the date on a video posted on its YouTube page and also on its official website with a beautiful wallpaper to celebrate the opening!

With that, Apple now has nine official stores in Japan located in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, Miyagi and Fukuoka (in addition to Kyoto, of course).

Details of new Apple Store in Los Angeles

Almost a month ago, Apple announced its plans to open a new classic store Tower Theater, located in downtown Los Angeles. Recently, the company released some more information about what promises to be one of Ma's most ?prominent? stores when it is completed, as disclosed by Los Angeles Times.

Among the news, Apple said that it is planning to completely renovate the interior of the building to open the store space and create an interactive area in the environment, probably for its sessions. Today at Apple and workshops. The company shared an art that allows you to visualize how the new store will be; in it, it is possible to observe that Apple preserved the Renaissance style of the interior of the theater that was built to imitate the Garnier opera in Paris.

Render of the Apple Store in downtown LA

According to the design director of Ma's stores, B.J Siegel, many people imagine that Apple Stores are ?big glass boxes? which is not quite true. Others retails they were built based on local or existing architecture, such as Apple Kurfrstendamm (in Berlin, Germany), Apple Hirsch (in Amsterdam, Netherlands), Apple Grand Terminal (in New York, USA), among others.

For now, Apple is awaiting the release of the local government to begin the construction and refurbishment of the Tower Theater, of course, no opening date has been released, of course.

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