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Apple starts charging in reais on the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud and other stores / services; check prices!

The novelty had been awaited for some time and, last month, was confirmed by the company itself in an email sent to Brazilian users. Nobody knew for sure, however, when that would happen, but Ma decided to turn the key right now in the first week of the year: starting today, all transactions in content stores and Apple services will be charged in reais!

The change contemplates the purchases made in the App Store, at iTunes Store and on iBooks Store, as well as all subscriptions to Apple Music and storage spaces in the iCloud, being valid both for those who already subscribed to the services and for new subscribers.

Purchases and subscriptions will now be able to be made not only with a credit card (international or national), but also with a debit card (still unavailable, we will see when this option starts to be accepted), which will certainly mean much more users to make purchases online.

Fortunately, the prices in reais are more encouraging than we feared when this change was just a glimpse of users. As already mentioned, Apple Music now costs R $ 16.90 (before, US $ 4.99) for the individual plan and R $ 8.50 (against US $ 2.49 before) for university students; j his family plan was R $ 24.90 (compared to the US $ 7.99 previously charged).

J iCloud's monthly storage plans look like this:

  • 50GB: before $ 0.99; now R $ 2.90 (R $ 2.92 conversion fee)
  • 200GB: before $ 2.99; now R $ 8.90 (R $ 2.97 conversion fee)
  • 2TB: before US $ 9.99; now R $ 29.90 (R $ 2.99 conversion fee)

J in the App Store, the prices were like this:

  • $ 0.99 = R $ 3.50
  • $ 1.99 = R $ 6.90 (convert from R $ 3.46)
  • $ 2.99 = R $ 9.90 (R $ 3.31 convert)
  • $ 3.99 = R $ 12.90 (R $ 3.23 convert)
  • $ 4.99 = R $ 16.90 (convert from R $ 3.38)
  • $ 5.99 = R $ 19.90 (convert from R $ 3.32)
  • And by the go

In the iTunes Store, prices for individual tracks are R $ 1.90 or R $ 2.90; at the iTunes (Movie) Store, a $ 19.99 movie costs now R $ 37.90 (convert from R $ 1.89); while in the iBooks Store prices start at just R $ 0.90!

These direct conversions that we made, obviously, do not take into account that, before, we were still obliged to pay 6.38% of IOF (tax on financial transactions). In other words, the change to reais was very positive for users taking into account the new values ??and new payment possibilities that may include the arrival of the famous gift cards, still unavailable in Brazil.

Some people are not yet able to make purchases (they cannot even accept the updated Terms and Conditions of the stores), but everything must have to do with the store's migration process and, soon, the system should normalize.

So, did you enjoy the values? ?