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Apple shares hit record and market value exceeds $ 1,000,000,000,000! [atualizado 3x]

Following the release of financial results for Apple's third fiscal quarter of 2018, the company's stock soared. Today, after another good climb, the papers reached their maximum during the price of $ 207.05, making Ma's market value reach the historic brand of $ 1 rail! That, really, $ 1,000,000,000,000!

Trades are still going on and there is no way to know if the $ AAPL ends the day at $ 207.05 or more. The fact that, at least today, the brand was hit, making Apple the first company to be worth US $ 1 track with the recent valuation of Amazon, there was a doubt which company would be the first company to be able to overcome such brand.

As we explained yesterday, Apple has repurchased many of its shares and, whenever it does, the value of NASDAQ shares multiplied by the total shares available on the market decreases and that is exactly what represents the market cap from the company. For now, Yahoo! Finance and the NASDAQ itself continue to inform the market cap above the real, however, based on the information available to this day, Apple only surpassed the $ 1 rail mark even when the shares reached the value of $ 207.05.

What changes with Apple worth $ 1 rail? Apart from the historical landmark, absolutely nothing. Life normally follows the difference that, now, Ma shareholders are a little happier with the record appreciation of the shares.

Still, will Amazon and Google Alphabet be able to follow Ma's path and achieve such appreciation? Currently $ AMZN is worth about $ 884 billion, while $ GOOG has an estimated value of $ 848 billion.

Let's follow.

Update 08/02/2018 s 13:38

Because of the milestone, Bloomberg interviewed the Apple CEO to find out what he thought of it all.

Tim Cook said he doesn't think much about it and that he still sees Apple as a small company, because that's how it operates today. "I know that not numerically, but the way we work is very similar to that (small company)."

Update II, by Rafael Fischmann 08/02/2018 s 17:01

And it was for real: the $ AAPL closed the day up 2.92%, listed on $ 207.39, and it's definitely official that Apple is now worth a dollar track more precisely, $ 1,002 rail.

As pointed out by the Reuters, Apple is worth more than all the companies listed on the Bovespa, together.

There is nothing to prevent it from falling tomorrow and close the day below that level, but the unimaginable mark has now been reached.

Update III 08/02/2018 s 19:06

As some readers reported in the comments, Apple was the first * private * company to reach $ 1 trillion. PetroChina, a semi-state company linked to the Chinese government, reached this mark in 2007 (on the Shanghai Stock Exchange). The point here is that PetroChina is a government company operating in a market that is highly controlled by the government itself. Thus, Apple was the first to reach the brand in a 100% free market.