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Apple shares exceed $ 200 and company is now worth $ 990 billion [atualizado 2x]

Apple released stunning results yesterday regarding its fiscal third quarter 2018 and, more than that, it revealed a prediction for the next one that animated Wall Street a lot. All the details of the financial conference are in this post.

With all that, Apple's shares ($ AAPL) soared significantly in NASDAQ today and placed the company on a level that was very close to reaching the unimaginable brand of $ 1 rail in market cap.

Papers went up today 5.89% and closed the day at a record high $ 201.50, with the maximum during the nail touching $ 201.76. the first time, since Apple made a 1: 7 split in its shares in mid-2014, that they surpass the $ 200 mark.

With this surge, Apple is worth now $ 990.4 billion and only need to go up another 1% to beat the $ 1 rail. In comparison, the three giants that come after Amazon, Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft closed the day worth US $ 876.6 billion, US $ 848.2 billion and US $ 816.6 billion respectively.

And the trend, yes, is positive. From yesterday to today, several market analysts have updated their target price forecasts for $ AAPL all up, of course.

Will the big change happen tomorrow ?! To see.

Update 08/01/2018 s 21:00

Apple has never been worth so much and is doing so well, nobody denies it. But it may not be * so * close to the $ 1 rail.

As explained by MacRumors, the ?problem? that Apple has repurchased many of its shares, and whenever it does, the value of NASDAQ shares multiplied by the total shares available on the market decreases, market cap from the company.

According to calculations based on numbers released by Apple in its latest form 10-Q, its current market value, based on today's close, would be in the $ 973 billion (based on a total of 4,829,926,000 papers available). That is, instead of 1%, it would still have to go up another 2.8% to reach an incredible mark. Not much, but it makes a difference.

For now, Yahoo! Finance continues to inform the market cap from Apple with the exact amount we put in the post above: $ 990.4 billion same data listed directly by NASDAQ. Google?s number is just a little below: $ 988.4 billion.

Update II 08/02/2018 s 13:30

And today Apple hit the $ 1 rail. ?