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Apple records all-glass iPhone with surrounding screen; see images

While some brands work with foldable smartphones, Apple is considering launching a glass iPhone with a wraparound screen

While the Samsung, Motorola and Huawei are focused on smartphones with foldable screens, the Apple may be working on another undefined design: a iPhone completely glass. The suspicion came after the patent was leaked, which was registered with the United States intellectual property agency.

The design shows a cell phone that uses glass on all sides: front, sides and back. Possibly, the user will be able to enjoy all parts of the iPhone glass, as if it were a single screen, being able to interact at different angles of the device.

glass iPhonePatent reveals a possible iPhone with 100% glass screen, from all sides

"Conventionally, glass has been used in these devices to provide a transparent window on a touchscreen on the front of the device", informs the company at the registry. The display (called a cabinet by Apple) may appear visually and tactically uncut, so that the entire cabinet may appear to be formed from a single piece of glass (even though it may be constructed from several separate and joined pieces), he adds.

As the patents show, the Apple to be able to introduce on the sides some cones, such as Wi-Fi, Airplane mode and battery percentage. In addition, it will be possible to move applications when you wish. The patent also reveals that the company is calling the glass wedding from the peripheral sides.

Glass iPhone 2The edge of the glass iPhone can receive some cones (like Wi-Fi, battery percentage and others)

The project of the future iPhone glass signed by Christopher D. Perst and Peter N. Russell-Clarke, both from Apple. The creators explain that the idea is "to form a functional and visually unified display region that covers several surfaces".

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that the Cupertino company has iPhone completely redesigned. An October project features a smartphone with a screen surrounding the sides, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

glass iPhonecones on the iPhone's main screen

important to note that the fact that Apple having patented this model does not necessarily mean that the device will be launched. Trademarks often register designs to ensure ownership. However, this also does not mean that the company will not be able to invest in the invention any time soon.

What did you think of this new concept of iPhone? Believes that Apple to be able to work on something so radical? Leave your opinion here in the comments.