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Apple Music launches section dedicated to classical music curated by Deutsche Grammophon

Service users streaming who have some affection for the world of classic music they know that these platforms are not the best place to have a good experience enjoying a beautiful opera by Wagner or a laugh by Mozart. The character of services like Spotify or Apple Music, totally focused on pop / hip hop and tracks, instead of albums or pieces, does not offer the necessary focus to exercise this taste (and this is also true for other genres, such as progressive rock or film soundtracks).

Fortunately, to counteract this issue, Apple Music is adding an exclusive section for lovers of classical music with a series of cool differentials.

The call DG Channel cured by Deutsche Grammophon, one of the largest record labels dedicated to the genre in the world, and brings playlists from several celebrated composers, three own radio stations (dedicated exclusively to Mozart, Beethoven and Bach) and the coolest part is visual albums with the complete performances of some pears.

The first performance to be made available in this format is a rendering of ?Romeo and Juliet?, by Gounod, held in 2008 at the Salzburg Festival (Austria) and starring tenor Rolando Villazn. You can watch the complete work or just the parts that interest you, selecting the tracks in the list.

Deutsche Grammophon will update the section frequently with new content, so we can expect new complete pears, as well as more radio stations and playlists of composers, coming soon.

Great idea, Apple!

via Engadget