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Apple has already paid two-thirds of the € 13 billion it owes to the European Commission

You are certainly already aware of the jackpot that Apple was forced to pay European Commission as compensation for undue tax benefits granted by the government of Ireland over the decades the staggering amount was determined at 13 billion, or approximately R $ 56 billion (at today's price).

We said here, a few months ago, that Ma was about to start making the manly payment, but we still put a question mark in the hypothesis that the EC decision could perhaps still be reversed or mitigated in some way. Well, now there's no turning back: analyzing documents from Apple's latest financial results, the Reuters concluded that the company already paid two thirds of the amount you owe.

Two payments of 4.5 billion each were made by Ma, duly deposited in the custody account. l that the total amount will be kept while the next chapters of the legal battle unfold as is well known, both Apple and the Irish government are appealing the EC decision and may still see some reversal in the case, but the conclusion of the process may still take years.

The EC, for its part, has stated that it only intends to release the case when all payments are properly made. Fortunately, Apple has the ball in financial terms and it should not be long before it deposits the remaining amount into the escrow account.

In any case, we must not ignore the possibility that this story still has a lot of unexpected developments. We'll be connected.

via AppleInsider