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Apple fined nearly $ 1 billion for Wi-Fi patent infringement

THE Apple was ordered to pay $ 837.8 million in damages for violating Wi-Fi patents held by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Information is from Bloomberg.

However, Ma was not the only company to come out with a millionaire fine: Broadcom, a semiconductor giant (which recently struck a fine deal with Apple), was also ordered to pay $ 270.2 million adding the values, Caltech can pocket around $ 1.1 billion with the ?joke?.

The litigation began in 2016, when Caltech accused Broadcom of violating four of its Wi-Fi patents in chip production, and denounced Apple for using these modems in different gadgets how iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, HomePods and even in the finished routers AirPorts that is, basically almost all of Ma's products.

More precisely, patents are related to encryption systems that correct errors in data transmission used in the IEEE 802.11 standard. Apple and Broadcom denied patent infringement and said that Caltech was not entitled to significant damages, even if they had used the inventions.

The educational institution, for its part, said that the jury supported its argument that patented technologies were "fundamental to keeping Apple competitive in the cell phone market". In addition, all the patents involved in the case were related to Wi-Fi performance and maintenance of the hardware by controlling heat, power, etc.

According to the indictment, the $ 838 million Apple fine was based on the sale of the infringing devices in the United States about 598 million devices. Ma has said she plans to appeal the decision; Broadcom, on the other hand, has yet to comment on the case.

via 9to5Mac