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Apple encourages developers to migrate their apps to the subscription model

Subscribing to an app to get all its features is common today, even though most iOS users are not in favor of subscriptions.

THE Apple noticed this change in the habit of consumers and held a secret meeting in New York last year with a group of developers in a luxurious apartment in the city. The purpose of the meeting was to encourage developers to stop charging a one-time fee for applications and instead use the subscription method as the primary form of payment, as disclosed by INSIDER.

With that, Apple started a new period in the ?application decade?, convincing developers that consumer habits are changing and, based on that, stimulating the adoption of this ?new? form of payment so that they have a flow revenue constant and that means more money, of course, for Apple.

Ma's argument that made developers' eyes shine for this form of periodic billing was to decrease the company's commission percentage when a consumer subscribes to an app for more than a year. Until last year, when a developer sold an application, 30% of the purchase price went to Apple; now, Ma receives the 30% until the 12 ms subscription of the application, after this period, the company's share drops to 15%.

According to sources INSIDER, the message sent by Apple was that successful apps focus on getting constant engagement from their consumers and that, for developers, that means adopting the subscription model. Ma also warned that if they focus on paid apps instead of popular ones freemium, your business can end up saturating intimidating, right?

The fact that this charging model is very present in several applications, whether for smartphones or computers. During the announcement of Apple's third fiscal quarter, the amounts raised for services exceeded $ 300 million. Of course, this does not only include numbers from the App Store (we also have Apple Music subscriptions, iCloud storage subscriptions, etc.), but it is known that the numbers of the Ma app store keep breaking records and that subscription model is on the rise.

At this rate, Apple is defining itself as one of the largest subscription companies in the world, without even considering its streaming of videos and series, about which we always comment on the company's heavy investment both in the variety of titles and in big names in Hollywood. Does the service have a burst of signatures? If so, this will further leverage the Cupertino giant's position in that market but we will only know, in fact, over time.

via VentureBeat