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Apple confirms Banco do Brasil and Bradesco entering Apple Pay at any time [atualizado]

Since mid-June, we know that the Bradesco was preparing to enter Apple Pay. Soon after, the leaf ?Confirmed? this and revealed that the Bank of Brazil it would come in the same wave of expansion of the service in national territory.

Unfortunately, contrary to what many expected, the entry of both banks did not take place just after the end of Ita's exclusivity period (90 days), just over a month ago. The forecast was for BB to enter at the end of July, according to the MacMagazine found, but the thing was possibly delayed due to bureaucratic and / or technical issues. A few days ago, numerous BB customers even managed to register their cards and use Apple Pay, but the party was short-lived.

Today, we got the first official confirmation from Apple on Banco do Brasil and Bradesco's entry into Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Banks

The screenshots above come from this page, whose link was sent to us by the reader Estacio Silva. Apparently, an updated version of the history of the App Store that Apple put on the air at the time of the launch in Ita, but already updated citing the two new financial institutions. She is not publicly visible in the store for now.

On the first screen, it reads clearly: ?() Just take a photo of your credit card from Ita, Banco do Brasil or Bradesco, and do the verification and that's it.? Scrolling the screen, we still see a list of ?Banks compatible with Apple Pay? already listing these three apps:

Banco Itaú app icon - your in-app account

Bradesco app icon

Banco do Brasil app icon

Both Banco do Brasil and Bradesco apps were updated this week adding support to the iOS Wallet, yet another indication that the launch could happen at any time.

We hope it is already this next week. ?

Update 08/13/2018 s 08:55

Obviously, it didn't take long for Apple to take down the story in question. Let us wait.