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Apple Announces Partnership for Renewable Energy Production in Eastern USA

Increasingly committed to its mission to save the world (or perhaps just build an image for it or perhaps a compromise between these two options), Apple today announced yet another investment in renewable energy in their country of origin this time, in partnership with some other companies.

The most recent plan a joint initiative of Ma with the American Akamai and Etsyas well as yours Swiss Re, and consists of the development of two new farms producing solar and wind energy in the states of Virginia and Ilinis. Combined, the farms will generate 290 megawatts of energy for the PJM power grid (which supplies, in addition to the states mentioned, others as New Jersey, Maryland and the Pennsylvania).

The homogeneous amount of energy will be used by the operations of the four companies in the localities (especially Apple, which is by far the most hungry of the four), but, just to create an idea, it would be enough to feed 74,000 homes continuously.

Regarding the new initiative, Lisa Jackson vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives at Apple stated:

At Apple, we pride ourselves on running all of our operations around the world with 100% renewable energy. In the process, we plan for other companies and organizations to purchase renewable energy and transition their operations to clean energy as well.

The other three companies, in turn, thanked Ma for the opportunity, stating that they previously had limited access to renewable energy projects because this market does not yet offer competitive advantages for most American companies.

The first results of the project should start to emerge in two years.

via MacRumors