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Another Apple Store is mugged while employees and customers were in the store

Turn and move we comment robberies to Apple Stores in the United States, like this one in California and this one in New York. This week, another episode. However, this time it was not the security cameras that recorded the moment of action by the criminals, but the customers themselves!

The target store for the burglars was Apple Valley Plaza, located in the homonymous mall in the city of Bakersfield. According to the news site Bakersfield Now, the viewer who recorded the video that asked to remain anonymous said that he was buying a notebook at around 8:45 pm (local time) last Wednesday, when three men entered the store and started to pick up the products displayed on the tables, including computers .

Check out the video:

It is possible to note that the action was quick (in addition to disastrous). Apparently, the bandits did not have much idea of ??what to bring, taking the products according to what appeared. The most interesting thing to note is the reaction of people, including a saleswoman on the left of the video who looks don't be too scared. Of course, we should not react in situations like these and, personally, I believe that everyone in the place was left without understanding what had just happened.

According to the local police, this is the 35 store robbery in that same mall only in 2018. In addition to the police, Apple representatives said the company's security team is also investigating the case.

tip from Robson Previato