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Anatel approves the new Mac Pro

Presented at WWDC19, the new Mac Pro began selling in the United States on December 10, 2019. Now, two months later, it has finally been homologated through the National Telecommunications Agency.

Here is the Certificate of Technical Compliance of model A1991, issued by Anatel:

Anatel - Mac Pro

Below, photos of the unit sent to the agency:

And the machine guides / manuals:

The new Mac Pro has already had its price disclosed in Brazil. Over here, it cost from R $ 56,000 (R $ 50,399.10, view) or R $ 60,000 on the back rack, which started to be commercialized in the USA recently.

O Pro XDR Display, in turn, is already available for purchase (R $ 45,000with standard glass orR $ 54,000on the backNano-Texture), as well as the Pro Stand for R $ 8,700 and the VESA mount adapter for R $ 1,700.

Now, as always, it depends on Apple so that the product starts to be sold in national territory.