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Anatel also approves the Mac Pro rack version

Just three days after ratifying the Mac Pro (tower), the National Telecommunications Agency today published the documents related to the approval of the version rack gives workstation Apple professional.

Here is the Homologation Certificate and Technical Conformity Certificate of model A2304, issued by Anatel:

Below, photos of the unit sent to the agency and the location of the appointment chosen on the machine:

Finally, the computer guide / manual:

The rack version of the Mac Pro costs from R $ 60,000 (R $ 53,999.10 seen) it started to be sold in the United States recently. The tower version, in turn, costs fromR $ 56,000(R $ 50,399.10, view).

O Pro XDR Display, in turn, is already available for purchase (R $ 45,000 with standard glass or R $ 54,000 on the back Nano-Texture), as well as the Pro Stand for R $ 8,700 and the VESA mount adapter for R $ 1,700.

As we said, now it depends on Apple for the product to start selling in the national territory.