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Amazon Prime Video app for tvOS breaks record of downloads in first week

A few days ago, we broke the news that brought yet another sign of the return of good relations between Apple and Amazon when we said that the online retail giant would again sell Apple TVs on its website (along with Google?s Chromecast devices). Now, one more novelty can seal the renewed friendship.

Jeff Bezos' company sent a statement to the website Best Apple TV stating that your application Prime Video for tvOS, recently released, it broke a record for showy. "Prime Video has been a hit with Apple TV customers around the world," said a company spokesman. "It had the highest number of downloads in its first week of all apps in the history of tvOS."

Apple is notoriously mysterious when it comes to making numbers available to its ?less famous? app stores, such as Apple TV, so much so that it is not known what the exact number of downloads the Prime Video app had in its first week, nor which was the previous record holder. In fact, the information must have been passed from inside Cupertino to Amazon just to further strengthen the relationship between the two companies although not even that information has been confirmed.

In any case, the milestone proves that the partnership between Apple and Amazon has brought positive results so far and, certainly, companies should continue to collaborate amicably in the future to continue to benefit from each other's advantages.

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via 9to5Mac