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★ Import DVDs easily and quickly using MacX DVD Ripper Pro

There is no denying that physical means are disappearing. CDs and DVDs, then, have been on the verge of existence for some good years; the last Mac that had a reader / writer for the once ubiquitous disks (by the way, exactly the model where this text is coming from) was discontinued more than a year ago. Why, then, talk about software whose only function import DVDs to your disc? The answer : exactly why.

After all, the fact that DVDs are falling by the wayside does not exclude the fact that, over the past decade, many people have built true libraries of films, series, shows or even homemade collections of videos and photos on these media. With its sunset, the chance to find a DVD player around, giving soup, to enjoy these contents ever less so, nothing more salutary than taking this whole collection and importing it into a digital file, with which you have all the flexibility in the world to save it wherever you want and execute it whenever you want. here that enters the MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

We already talked about the utility of Digiarty Software about two years ago, but since then he received a series of news that made him even more attractive. The basis, however, remains the same: with the software, it is possible to easily import the contents of a DVD to your machine, eliminating the fragile physical media and eternalizing your memories.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

The program interface is very simple, although like other Digiarty utilities it brings elements that are somewhat dated and that do not seem to be in harmony with the environment clean and minimalist Macs in 2017. Still, this is just a slight flaw; a little more serious would be the absence of Portuguese as a language (in fact, we only have English here). It is not an obstacle for users who do not speak another language, especially if the idea is just to rip the DVD without disturbing the settings of the application; if you want to make any adjustments, however, the language barrier can be a bit flat.

Fortunately, MacX DVD Ripper Pro has a very simple and mainly fast operation. When placing a DVD in the entrance of my Mac, the software already recognized it automatically and, in moments, it was capturing its content. In about ten minutes, the process was completed and the media on the disc was saved in MP4 (the standard format) in the destination folder. Just for comparison, the same process at Handbrake took about half an hour (yes, 3x more!).

The software also comes with a number of settings. It is possible to select the preferred audio file to import the media (for example, if you want to rip the DVD of a movie and prefer to have its version dubbed in Portuguese saved), choose the file format to be saved on your computer and even select only the main file of a disc to be imported (for example, the movie, leaving aside trailers and extra DVD content).

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Even copy-protected or damaged media can be saved by the utility, which also has a small built-in editor for selecting frame rates, subtitles and other technical adjustments such as codec, bitrate and much more. A multitude of formats are supported by the application, from the most common (MP4, MOV, AVI) to the most exotic (FLV, MKV, MTS) and including the new standard video format for Apple devices, HEVC.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can be purchased on its official website for the promotional price of US $ 25 (the common value of US $ 50), which is not such a heavy investment if you have a Mac with a DVD player or an external drawer for the disks. There is also a trial version that imports up to five DVDs for free and can be a good way to see if the program fits your needs. It is very worth taking a look!

Christmas Promotion!

Only this Christmas, users who purchase MacX DVD Ripper Pro will also receive an annual license from MacX Video Converter Pro, which we analyzed in this other review.

MacX Video Converter Pro is a complete tool for videos with features for converting, downloading, editing, recording and more. This annual license is normally $ 45.95.

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