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YouTuber shows you how to add wireless charging to an iPhone 7

Scotty Allen It's an old acquaintance of ours. Channel owner Strange Parts on YouTube, he already assembled an entire iPhone for $ 300, installed a headphone jack on an iPhone 7, and transformed a 16GB iPhone into 128GB while spending very little, among other things. He is able to carry out these exploits more easily by living in Shenzhen, China.

This time, Scotty struggled but managed to add wireless charging to an iPhone 7. The full video is almost 40 minutes long, but it shows as always the whole trial and error process, interview with the creator of the component used in the process, his trips and welcome to Shenzhen's main electronics market and beyond.

In the end, it was so worth it that Scotty decided to sell a complete kit for those who want to venture into this mod iPhone 7. It ships directly from China and costs $ 70.

And who is going? ?