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With the arrival of the A6 processor, Apple is moving further away from Samsung

Interior of iPhone 5The relationship between Apple and Samsung is going sour and the verdict of the trial was only the beginning. If Ma was previously reducing component orders for the South Korean, now, with the arrival of the iPhone 5 and the A6 processor, it is practically throwing the Asian company to the side.

According to The Korean Times, Apple did not collaborate with Samsung in the process of developing its chip. According to a senior executive in South Korea, Cupertino's firm is still using Samsung as a maker of its chips, but made it clear that it will stop using its technology.

There are three types of chip customers. Some want us to deal with all chip architecture, design and manufacturing. Some want us to just design and manufacture. Others want us to just make the chips. Apple now this third type, said the source of Samsung.

As we have always said, the two are definitely hurt. For Apple, it is difficult to find another company capable of producing and delivering all the components it needs and with the quality it aims for. For Samsung, then, is it even worse than another company securing a multi-billion dollar contract (above $ 7 billion / year) for it?

Now add that to the news that Apple has hired a Samsung chip specialist and that TSMC will produce future Ma processors, it seems that the relationship will really break.

(via CNET News)