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WhatsApp tests ways to curb spam and unwanted chains; Microsoft (finally) will add end-to-end encryption on Skype

Attention, digital chatters from Brazil and the world: I bring interesting news involving two of the most popular instant messengers on this simple planet.

The first of them has to do with the indefectible new icon of national culture, the Whatsapp. According to the website WABetaInfo, specialized in making the previous versions of the application in search of future news, the messenger development team is dedicated to building a new feature that will end (or at least diminish) one of its most annoying things: o spam and chatssimas chains.

So far, this intention translates into a resource that will notify the user if the message he is trying to forward has already been forwarded more than 25 times. WhatsApp does not prevent the message from being sent, but if it is sent, a small warning appears above it, stating the same thing (something like "this message has been forwarded many times").

"Future "Future

The measures will certainly not put an end to spam and chains in the messenger, but at least it will serve as an alert to that annoying uncle fake news or that friend who thinks he's funny, put your hand on the conscience the next time you send a message like that.

Anyway, we still don't know when the feature will arrive on WhatsApp and even if that will be its final form, that is, we may see changes in its implementation until it sees the light of day. Let us wait.

A feature that is already working, and we confirm, the internal playback of YouTube videos. This had already been announced a while ago, but it was just today, also according to the WABetaInfo, that it was released once and for all to WhatsApp users on iOS:

YouTube within WhatsApp

D to let the video run over conversations (in a kind of PiP, which works throughout the app), temporarily play it in the corner and, if you want, put it in full screen. Very practical!

WhatsApp Messenger app icon

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The second messenger that is gaining news today the former darling of videoconferences, the Skype. In a considerably delayed move since all the great messengers had already added the resource at least two years ago, the TechCrunch reported that the software finally win end-to-end encryption in conversations.

Protection uses the protocol Open Whisper Systems, gives Signal, the same as WhatsApp and considered the market standard; however, it will not be applied to all conversations in the program. Instead, Skype gains a new mode, called Private Conversation (Private Chat), which encrypt text messages, audio and files exchanged within the environment. "Normal" conversations will remain unprotected, as well as video and audio calls.

New encrypted private chat feature in Skype

The private chat mode will bring up some other features, such as the fact that these messages will not appear on your chat list and in the notifications; texts sent in this mode cannot be edited or forwarded and, in addition, private conversations initiated on one device cannot be resumed on another, everything is exclusive to that device where the exchange of messages started.

The new feature is already available in advance for Skype Insiders, members of the messenger testing program, in the version or higher of the application for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. It should appear for all users in the coming months.

Skype iPhone app icon

Skype for iPad app icon

via TechCrunch, MacRumors