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Vulnerabilities in Airmail for Mac could expose all your email to hackers

The situation of email clients for macOS There is no longer much, and the few good things that remain are the only options so that we do not have to resort to the archaic experience of accessing our accounts through the browser. That is why, whenever the news of a vulnerability in one of these remaining customers comes up, it is important to spread the word quickly so that everyone is aware and for the correction to come out as soon as possible.

Today, the blog of security company VerSprite published a discovery involving the popular client Airmail which can potentially expose an unsuspecting user's emails to hackers. This is not a specific vulnerability, but some loopholes and / or codes written in the wrong way that, when combined, can be exploited by malicious agents in a possible total exposure of your Inboxes, messages and even attachments.

The most technical explanation can be read in the VerSprite article, but basically the root of the problem lies in the way Airmail handles URL requests (that is, the processes requested from the system when any link is clicked). Some malicious links can silently activate a command for the client to send emails to a pre-programmed secret address, attaching to that message the contents of any (or even all) emails you have in an Inbox.

Other possibilities brought about by this vulnerability include scenarios in which Airmail collects email attachments in its Inbox and passes them on to attackers or captures specific documents in the users' database apparently, part of the problem is in the fact that the customer stores this data is in an open and easily located directory, always at a specific digital address, which makes hackers' work much simpler.

The researchers also detected flaws that allowed attackers to disable HTML filters (thus, silently installing plugins even if they are identified as malicious) or even a way to attack the user without having to click on any link, just by opening an infected email. this latest form of attack, however, only worked in half of the tests, the report said.

It is good to note that the vulnerabilities refer only to the Airmail version for macOS, but the iOS version has not been tested ie it is not possible to say whether it is safe or not.

According to the team behind the development of Airmail, corrections are already underway and may arrive today; in any case, they say the problems are ?hypothetical? and no users are affected. Still, VerSprite's Fabius Watson said that "I would not continue using Airmail until the problems are resolved."

That is: update your client as soon as the long-awaited update is released and, as usual, be careful with emails that seem strange or from unknown senders. We will not make things easy for malicious agents, after all.

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