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Tim Cook to receive millionaire bonus in Apple shares

If you thought that the amount of Apple shares held by Tim Cook there were "few" when we said earlier that the CEO had donated the equivalent of almost $ 5 million in company stock to charity before his position, know that there is (much) more at stake.

As disclosed by Bloomberg, Cook receive about 560 thousand aces of Ma (the equivalent of $ 120 million, at today's quote) as a ?stability and performance? award. Also according to the website, the prize will be delivered on Friday, in the form of two distinct bonuses: 280 thousand shares will be delivered to Cook by the continuous service as CEO of the company; the other 280,000 shares will be delivered if the return of Apple's shareholders to the market is two-thirds greater than that of companies in the S&P 500 index over the past three years. Got confused? I explain.

Since August 25, 2015, Apple's total shareholder return has been 119% at least until the market closed yesterday (8/21), making it outperform more than 80% of companies in the S&P 500 index. as highlighted by BloombergUnless Apple suffers a major meltdown and a majority of shareholders sell their shares until the market closes this week, Cook will receive the maximum number of shares from the established premium.

Such annual awards are part of a sum received when Cook succeeded Steve Jobs in the position of CEO in 2011. Initially, this award would be received simply if Cook remained in the position of CEO for a certain period; in 2013, after a request by Cook himself, the company's board linked one third of these shares to Apple's performance in the financial market.

In addition to the shares, Cook receives a salary of US $ 3 million and, in 2017 adding all bonuses, stock sales and wages, the executive earned more than US $ 100 million. Currently, the net worth (net worth) of US $ 700 million, according to data analyzed by Bloomberg.